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21 June 2016


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Des Martin ML JP

No comments yet on the recent visit of Robert Mugabe, president and dictator of Zimbabwe.

One might ask if PM O'Neill was seeking advice as to how to organise a Zimbabwe dictatorship.

Given his recent appointments to the defence force and recruits from his own province he may be trying to establish his own personal security force beholden only to him and not the nation a la Hitler's SS.

I am a Kiap of long ago who weeps for those wonderful PNG people.

Peter Kranz

Not that I'm suggesting anything.

A motivational trainer in China beat eight rural bank employees with a stick, shaved the heads of the men and cut the hair of the women after they performed poorly on a training weekend.

“Spanking was a training model I have been exploring for many years,” the trainer, Jiang Yang, said on his microblog, absolving the bank’s leadership of direct responsibility.

Paul Waugla Wii

PNG hosted the ACP Summit in Port moresby recently. So much money is being spent on prestige projects while the Okuk Highway, a vital infrastucture that sustains the national economy is deteriorating very fast.
There is a billboard along the highway at the junction into the Kagamuga airport with a blown up portrait of Mr Oneill looking down on the unsuspecting motorists and passers by. The writing on the bb
reads: 'We will upgrade the Okuk Highway from Lae to Tari.'
This billborad has been erected almost a year or two ago.
The big question is this: When will the PNG Govt rehabilitate the Okuk Highway?
Marcus, I wholly agree with you that such high profile meetings and the seemimgly fanciful sporting facilities do not mean any thing to an average person trying to survive on a daily basis.
We must all support the tertiary students in their bid to remove Oneill from power.

Marcus Mapen

Straight out of the O'Neill propaganda machine. Propaganda bordering on hypocrisy.

Statement: Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill - K8 billion in trust funds gone missing between 2002 and 2010....!-Prime-Minister-Hon-Peter-O%E2%80%99Neill-K8-billion-in-trust-funds-gone-missing-between-2002-and-2010-/csf/556e49f80cf2312d79679227!-Letter-from-Prime-Minister-O%E2%80%99Neill-to-the-University-of-Papua-New-Guinea-and-the-PNG-University-of-Technology-Student-Representative-Councils-/csf/5742b76c0cf23d79ac908b22

Marcus Mapen

I live in Moresby. I don’t have a paid job so every day I struggle to make ends meet. I work hard just to have food daily on the table.

An outsider (from say Australia) who sees me in my life situation will correctly say that I am living in poverty. But it is not just me; millions of my countrymen are in this same situation (many worse than me).

I know this is true because I see it everywhere I go in this country with my own eyes.

Fancy sporting facilities, high level meetings and colorful economic statistics (even economics itself) mean f**k all to me.

All I care about is the price of tinned fish and rice and my bus fare. Right now these prices are increasing at rates I am finding hard to cope.

William Dunlop

Marcus Mapen, you are right on the button. Unfortunately Somare's siblings let him and PNG down badly.

William Dunlop

Comey Korokan Alone. Pray may I ask what is your role in the Ali Baba O'Neill gravy train? Amen.

Mathias Kin

The realities in remote Telefomin, Karimui, Menyamya, Lumi in terms of access to the most basic services; health care, education roads/ bridges are quite unbelievable, but we have people who are adamant all is well.

I come from Karimui and I literarily cry each time I come to the village and see how my people carry on.

Sporting facilities in Port Moresby do not represent the majority of rural places in this country. Tell you something; people in these very remote locations don't even know of these sporting facilities, they don't care. If the Queen of England dies tomorrow, they won't know and won't care.

The laplap and the shorts they wear they have worn each day for the last two months. If they are lucky, they have a tin fish and rice meal once in a month.

There are two extremes here in PNG - Port Moresby, Peter O'Neill, the MPs and a few in that bracket in Port Moresby; and the majority 80% in PNG.

This place needs a clean sweep in 2017.

Jay Manaseh

Corney Korokan Alone is counting on sports. The question is, how will sports be benefiting all the citizens of this country. What about the people in the remotest part of this country, who are facing better health care problems.

Corney Korokan Alone

It is easy to read where inductive unhappiness such as this is pivoting to.
Lazy readers will easily be bought. But not all, unfortunately.

If a K2 billion investment in the well known sporting industry can move the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) body to favour Papua New Guinea to be the host country for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in PNG - given its world class sporting infrasturctures; one needs to explain what the K8 billion that disappeared from the many trust accounts during Somare's prime ministership could have done, where it is parked and what they have done about it.!-Prime-Minister-Hon-Peter-O%E2%80%99Neill-K8-billion-in-trust-funds-gone-missing-between-2002-and-2010-/csf/556e49f80cf2312d79679227

These sporting facilities are for all sporting codes. The PNG Hunters club- followed by many Papua New Guineans have a world class facility to call it their home ground. It's an envy of the other Australian clubs playing in this same competition.

Papua New Guinea has its own story to write - and yes, tell it, and broadcast it with pride and confidence than being narrated by loop-sided external media outlets.

The sporting industry creates job opportunities for sporting personalities as well as associated industries.
So any crusade against such investments needs to be critically assessed.

The UBS loan is an investment decision for Papua New Guinea's future - strategically approached to graduate the country from a mere royalty recipient to a part owner (shareholder) in the economic opportunities presented by the country's hydro-carbon market. The hydro-carbon industry is not dissipating anytime soon notwithstanding the development created by sustainable and clean energy sources.
The cyclical slump in that industry's commodity prices is not a solid point of argument to dis our government. Many other governments and economies are experiencing this pain.

The rest of your arguments are comprehensively shut down by the Prime Minister's lengthy response. You can read about them again here and come back should you feel, you still have some unsettled issues to settle.!-Letter-from-Prime-Minister-O%E2%80%99Neill-to-the-University-of-Papua-New-Guinea-and-the-PNG-University-of-Technology-Student-Representative-Councils-/csf/5742b76c0cf23d79ac908b22

Marcus Mapen

In my mind I compare all the prime ministers of PNG since independence in 1975 and give them a rating between ten (10) and one (1). Number 10 for who I think is/was the best PM so far and 1 for who I think is/was the worst. I have Michael Somare on 10 at the top end and Bill Skate on one (1) at the bottom end, the rest come in between. The current PM is in a different category altogether. Catergory zero (0) and going towards minus (-).

Robin Lillicrapp

Good critique, Mathias. Of course, it remains to be seen as to the ease of supportability by in-country commentators.

A certain degree of paranoia will exist among PNGeans after the shooting incident proved cornered rats will bite.

Until more comprehensive results of the student led info-war are evident in a changing and solidifying of public angst and opinion, it seems there is not a coherent and unified front to the political opposition.

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