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05 June 2016


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Congratulations, Phil, also to the PNG Attitude family who've been on this journey. I agree with Raymond's comments and look forward to reading the book.

Thanks Phil and team for this piece of history.

Magnificent. The PNG Attitude blog and the Crocodile Prize experience.

Its history captured in a book form is a definite fit and powerful decennial milestone for everyone associated with this journey.

And Corney has been an important part of that journey - KJ

That was a massive effort, Phil.

Well done and congratulations to everyone on the journey so far.

Nearly 400 pages, I must say that's a huge body of work.

That's 400 pages of history and commentaries. And I can see from the listed contents and reading the extract from Chapter 8 that this history would not just be of PNG Attitude blog.

The pages of this book would record snippets of PNG contemporary issues, PNG literature, PNG contemporary writers, PNG colonial era and importantly the people to people relationship that was established between PNGeans and Australians through Keith's blog.

I was also impressed that the contents of PNG Attitude blog is archived by the National Library in Australia.

Thank you again Keith for your remarkable blog site and Phil for compiling yet another huge body of literature for PNG.

I believe both of you should be nominated for a Logohu Award each for your contributions to PNG society through the Crocodile Prize, as well as, mentoring PNG writers and publishing books by PNG writers and books about PNG by writers from Australia.

Thank you once again.

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