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20 June 2016


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RIP Hal, from your 2/6 Commando mate, "Bulldog" Drummond.

So sorry to hear this sad news. Keith, your words are a wonderful tribute. RIP Hal.

Farewell to Hal, a lifelong family friend and a very talented, sweet man. Lovely piece on him from my dad Keith Jackson.

Like all those who knew Hal, I have warm memories of his exuberant humour, his energy, his fearless nature and his great artistry. I am privileged to have two of his PNG themed paintings hanging on my walls. Great memories of a creative spirit. Vale Hal.

Thanks for passing on the sad news. Judith and I are abroad at present so we won't be able to attend the funeral.

What a life, eh? Very inspirational. We'll have to up our game in his honour.

Just the other day I was re-reading Hal's memoir that you kindly organised to give us at the wonderful Mido lunch.

The image memory of him rolling down the road dressed in only shorts with a pistol stuck in the waistband after challenging the hapless lover and the Constabulary being told he was "in training for the Pacific Games" will stay with me forever !

Vale Hal - vale a rich and notable life. His spirit lives on through his art and sculptures for us all to enjoy.

Hal Holman's funeral will be held at 2pm on Monday 27 June at Eco Memorial Park, 21 Quinns Hill Road West, Stapylton (near Beenleigh) in Queensland.

Farewell Hal. A dear friend and superb lunchtime associate. I shall open a good bottle of red to farewell you.

I am so sorry to hear this. I was so fond of Hal, such a lovely, gentle, talented, modest man.

Vale Hal. I worked with Hal at DIES (Department Information & Extension Services), as well as he was my neighbour in Boroko where he spent all of his time building a concrete hulled boat. He was a talented artist & a great conversationalist. A great person in PNGs development. Vale.

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