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16 May 2016


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Thanks, Marcus, for your wise words of caution.

Rather, it's often an unpleasant job that needs to be done, but we need to be ready to step into the gutter to clean out the filth so that the waste can drain off from the thoroughfares of our society.

Like pig keeping, the rewards are worth the effort.

In this case the waste has risen up to our footpath level and I am merely sweeping it out of the way.

Ah, Peter shall I say the literal translation will suffice.Yes

Michael, if I were you I wouldn’t bring myself down to her level.

William D, did you mean "annus horribilis" to mean "horrible year", or perhaps another spelling.

Hey Paul you've stolen my thunder.

Here's comes the lightening.

Ms Merrell has started a row
On how to impregnate a sow
But what she feeds on Echo
Is not fit for a cow
Oh Susan, you've come and you'll go

Hey Michael,

how's this for cadence?

Well may you say ‘Crap’, I think,
For your comments do certainly stink,
The People say ‘Go!’
But your boss says ‘No!’
And the country continues to sink.

I knew it, she want me badly. Sorry I don't offer my services to whales.

Oh, Ms Merrell, verbal abuse, especially of the personal kind is so unbecoming ... and so unproductive. Why not ditch your diatribe, muster your mettle and engage with us instead of demeaning yourself with insult.

We might even learn something from you ......

Me thinks there is something mischievous going on here?
The latest rather crass and banal retorts by Susan Merrel hardly reflect well on her credibility as a seasoned and experienced journalist as well as reflecting badly contra to her obvious intellect befitting her extensive academic qualifications

Perhaps her new role as a PR expert is more that as Port Colonist as referred to in earlier postings to this site.
Or it could be that Susan is merely gathering information for the inevitable book release perhaps tiled “ The Peter O’Neil Saga- The inside story”

Methinks annus horribilis suits Merrell and that of her elk.
No KJ, I haven't misspelt ilk, I just can't insult my clan
ancestry. Dunlop of that ilk.

Susan Merrell has now shown she is beneath contempt. Is this the kind of person who works for Peter O'Neill?

Block her Keith.

Ms Merrell's comments, while colourful and strong, have not crossed our line of acceptability. As regular readers know, we like to give contributors and commenters considerable leeway. We have also received a number of scurrilous observations about Ms Merrell. Their authors should understand these will not be published - KJ

Saucily she says, but the Amet allegation still stands.

Oh my God! What kind of language is that and what kind of people can speak like that?

A limerick:

There was a lawyer disguised as a Shepherd
Whose behaviour was that of a Leopard
He was spotted playing dribs and drabs
With links to fat pollies and hags
"bearded like the pard", said the immortal bard.

Breakfast for Tiffany was not what she expected
She got off at Jackson's and soon she was accosted
She went in for questioning without a single word
And still defends the PM, how absurd?

A clerihew for Su:

There once was a lady called Susan
Who came to Moresby for more than a sun tan
She claimed knowledge of all things political
But her propaganda was truly abysmal

And a limerick too:

Beware of the feisty Ms Merrell
Her behaviour can be really feral
An attack on O’Neill
And you’re liable to feel
Her teeth ripping your tender apparel

Michael - I prefer sticking with "Ms Merrell" as it seems to piss her off. And you can add Tiffany Twivey to the previous list of co-opted O'Neill acolytes. And I'm happy with 'the sausage man'. Kranskys are great! Better than your piffling chipolates, cabanossi and chorizos.

"She is organised, she is knowledgeable and she is thorough. In short, she’s a legal expert and an effective one."

She's also been arrested by the Police Fraud Squad. So she knows life on the other side of the interview table - good experience for providing advice to her clients.


(Or perhaps that's why...?)

Hey Peter, now that Susan Merrell has mentioned our 'odd balls' and arses does that mean we're on intimate terms and can legitimately call her by her first name?

Funny the connections you come across in high places. Susan Merrell, Sonja Barry Ramoi, Greg Shepherd and Noel Anjo were previously at odds over PNG News and Belden Namah.

Sonja was going to write his biography/hagiography while Susan busy was attacking him.

Now all is quiet on the northern front. It seems they have been corralled into the O'Neill camp (apart from Noel, who is still trying to make a name for himself as a 'student activist' despite being old enough to be most current students father).

He's one of the rent-a-crowd mob who usually turn up a students rallies in PNG and I know him of old.

Once Susan even published an article complaining about Abuse on Social Media. What comes around goes around, eh Susan?

Hey Keith, are you sure you didn't edit in the Period after Arseholes?

I'm sure we're not reading Susan's statement in it's correct context.

Keith - you old bounder! You're working on the 'give her enough rope to hang herself' tactic. And it's worked.

William - you're on to it. Perhaps more appropriately it should be Winnegan's Fake! The punch line of a great satirical SciFi short story by Philip José Farmer called Riders of the Purple Wage.

Would she by any chance be a descendent of Morrell's marauders. Or perhaps demented by one of my previous suggestions, she indulged herself in Finnegans Wake for enlightenment.

If I can decipher correctly, the issue here is with the Prime Minister and the Justice Minister who are becoming like fools in the eyes of the people and the world every week. It’s not about Sir Arnold Amet and what he wants to do with his life.

I think Ms Merrell needs to be reminded of PNG Attitude's comments policy.

"Abusive language, racist remarks and other words designed to hurt, generate excessive conflict or cause unreasonable offence to other people are not tolerated".

Fools and odd balls, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

That's so true!

Thanks Susan, were not about to deny that.

What an honour for PNG Attitude to be recognised so clearly for the absence of the antithesis arch nemesis - 'predatory elite' and mediocre humanity.

Except of course when Susan graces our presence.

So Susan, what is wrong with making another attempt at politics in 2017?

I was disappointed, but hardly surprised that Ms Merrell did not take the opportunity to offer a point-by-point rebuttal of the former Chief Justice's article. As it is, her infantile, immature response belies her lack of respect if not her contempt for Sir Arnold - and for PNG Attitude and its readers.

It would be more worthy of Ms Merrell if she were to offer a more considered, mature response so that we can endeavour to see the world as she sees it .....

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...Keith, you really do know how to entertain even while sharing the news.

Thanks for Susan Merrell's message, I was beginning to think she no longer cared about us.

One things for sure, PNG really has welcomed the best and worst of Australians over a long a varied relationship.

Today we observe young women, daughters of PNG, rise to the occasion at the UPNG.

Today we read a snide comment from a foreign woman who is a guest of the very person who has sent police to intimidate those proud PNG daughters.

The day has been uniquely edifying - and I haven't yet had my afternoon beer buzz.

Peter O'Steal and those in government control the media too. The Post Courier, the National and the national television network EMTV and NBC Kundu TV are all controlled by the government. We have now in PNG a totalitarian government, a tyrant. PNG wake up before it is too late!

Straight to the point, Sir Ament. Hope those who are in power submit to the law.

This article from Sir Arnold Amet rejected by The National newspaper just goes to show the extent that its editors and owners are prepared to condone corruption in the state of Papua New Guinea.

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