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18 May 2016


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Democracy + Ignorance = Social Disaster.

Well said, Busa.

I think O'Neill sees these unemployed young men as a group that need employment, maybe employment in the mines, in factories, in SMEs.

Even Somare, back in the 1970s, thought there would be a lot of "industrial development" after Independence and people would leave their villages to work in it. By 2005, when interviewed by Mark Davis of SBS TV, he said he now realized that "people have decided to stay in the villages."

But it is the villages and settlements that have been neglected. The concept that a village or settlement could be improved e.g. with better housing using portable sawmills, with corrugated iron roofs, tanks, pipes etc.. plumbing for running water, with solar electricity, with better schools, with better aid posts, with better cash crops, with good local industries e.g. based on handicrafts, tourism, appropriate technology... etc with sporting activities, and so on.. all of this has been neglected by so many MPs.

It is sad that alcohol was introduced by the Australians and other Europeans during the colonial period. Now you are caught up in the wicked drug world which is a world-wide phenomenon.

Hopefully positive people, who can see a way of leading these young lost men and women to a better way of life, will be encouraged and backed by the government.

I know of some and I know there is a lot of good work going on. I just hope it will grow and more of the educated people, with a heart for the underdogs, will be willing to take time to help them.

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