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10 May 2016


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Wow, this is great news. Thanks to Prof Ken McKinnon & Paga Hill Development Company. And congratulations to the three gentlemen and writers.

Thank you Professor Ken McKinnon, Paga Hill Development Limited and PNG Attitude for the surprise gift to offer me this fellowship.

Writing has been my hobby and dreamt one day to publish a book and I have done that with help from PNG Attitude blog and Pukpuk Publishing. I appreciate the unwavering support and encouragement of Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick.

I hope to help people here in Enga get their work published through Creatspace which is far cheaper than friends who have published their work with off-shore publishing houses.

I am grateful that I met Keith and Phil who have introduced me to Creatspace. I believe I will get four books of two my committee members (of the newly formed Enga Writers Association) published through Createspace.

I am glad, I formed an interim committee and re-established the Enga Writers Association before I received the surprise email from Keith informing me of the fellowship. I know now what honest hard work means when it pays off when you least expect it.

I believe PNG writers need exposure. And I applaud Professor Ken McKinnon, Paga Hill Development Limited and PNG Attitude for introducing this private new fellowship.

I am sure many more PNG writers will benefit from it and be exposed internationally in the coming years as they make their way down under.

I believe the Brisbane Writers Festival is where PNG writers can get that exposure and mix with writers, publishers, critics, authors, agents, journalists etc.

And the PNG Crocodile Prize Organisation must revolve around PNG. It is where like-minded people can meet. The meet in Kundiawa last September was great. Many of us look forward to go to Madang this year.

My aim now is to get Engans, particularly students to write poems, essays, short stories etc which can be compiled into Anthologies like Simbu schools have done. And I will try and bring the Crocodile Prize Organisation to Enga in the not too distant future.

A nation without literature is a people with lost identity. Literature is important in the development and history of a nation.

The way forward for the revival and long term sustainable development of literature in Papua New Guinea is through establishment of provincial writer’s association and Keith and Phil are right in refocusing their attention in this direction.

Maybe sometime in the future when the milieus are conducive, then the individual groups can come together and form a national representative body.

I am very grateful for the McKinnon-Paga Hill Fellowship and the sponsors, Prof Ken McKinnon and Paga Hill Development Company, for supporting the cause of literature in PNG.

They have taken a noble step in promoting literature in this country when it really should have been the government of PNG through the department of culture and tourism or department of education doing it.

As a privileged member of the pioneer recipients of the fellowship award, I am very thankful of Prof McKinnon and Paga Hill Development Company. Thank you so much.

I am also grateful of the man who worked so hard behind the scene to secure the sponsorship for the fellowship. He is none other than one of the two diehard promoters of PNG literature, Keith Jackson. Thank you so much, Keith.

Of course the other diehard promoter of PNG literature is Philip Fitzpatrick.

I owe the recognition and the fellowship award to my intelligent, hard working and result oriented team mates Jimmy Drekore, Mathias Kin, Jimmy Awagl, Arnold Mundua and Roslyn Tony of Simbu Writers Association who are also my wings and legs.

Any one of them could have been awarded the fellowship but I happened to be the lucky one. Credit goes to all of them.

I will try my best to learn as much as possible during the fellowship and return with a wealth of knowledge that will enable me to enhance the work that SWA has been doing in Simbu.

Icing on the cake of PNG Attitude's baking of literary development in PNG. Congratulations to the worthy recipients.

This is a very excellent initiative that will fuel literary culture in Papua New Guinea. Thanks Keith for PNG Attitude and thanks for the McKinnon-Paga Hill Fellowship.You have done something for the nation that we will be eternally gratefully for.

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