Dawn passage through the Dardanelles on MV Nautica
Corruption & chaos in PNG: Peter O’Neill & the Fraud Squad

There is a flood, but it will be over

Sepik flood (ABC)JIMMY AWAGL

The river flows with current strong
Sweeping dirt and debris along
Flooding at points unexpected
Stopped, blocked, diverted
Beyond human philosophy and ideology

The flood know only self-interest
Causing destruction on every course
Those at its mercy voice their grief
But the flooded river flows
On its perverted course

Without human interaction and hindrance
The river toxic as a crawling snake
But no strength and power
To divert for a third time
There is no rain to aid the flood

Title and fame to be swept away sooner
The strength of your voice is near exhausted
Your powers of manipulation exposed
By experts in politics, law, economy
Unfooled by your manipulating ways

They say, he is flowing with the current
Cannot see the colour of the flood
Cannot sense the current of the tide
Father of flooded Sepik asks why divert the course
Father of deep Purari asks about a billion kina loan

Father of muddy Simbu says why not step aside
Father of Oro Kaiva; opponent of all corruption
Father of Isle of No Return says Fraud Squad sacking flawed
Other citizens too wait for illegality to fail
Asking, can’t the head listen to the tail?

The judiciary system too stands firm
Like a great stone mountain pillar
And the voices of the people ring loud
Every citizen knows, and not prime minister?
We’re subject to the sword of this nation

And no man stands above the law
The wicked, corrupt, evildoers perish
As a new dawn breaks the black
And sun rays touch the cold pale leaves
May this evil fall, the pit of hell awaits.

Tomorrow is the day of resurrection
The flood will be over.


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