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22 April 2016


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Your points numbers five and seven are valid but I don't think your other points are valid reasons because you do not seem to fully understand the ILG Amendment Act 2009 and VCLR Amendment Act 2009.

I hope you won't encourage local people to continue live in poverty.

Ooo sori o, Penge. Ol autsait lain baim ol lidaman b'long yu na mekim save long yu istap. Olsem tru yu wanpela tukina bus meri. Mi sem ia!

Your forests will be felled, your bush burned
and your swampland drained out,
To plant palm oil by the hectare,
to get your share of foreign wealth.
Foreigners will make films,
to show your grand-kids what you sold off.

I am interested to know what MP of Finschhafen and Speaker Theo Zurenuoc is doing to support the work of Act Now PNG and Transparency International.

After statements such as this: "Our resource ownership and extractive regime must be radically transformed as we farewell the past era and welcome the new beginning. It must not be a period of business as usual. Something has to change drastically somewhere."

One would expect him to be vocal about the agenda.

Or perhaps as the Speaker of Parliament 'his tongue shall not speak' on issues of primary urgency to the very grass roots of Papua New Guinea.

He was right though, PNG really has "Crossed over to the other side".

So maybe he is in support of the current legislation to take away land rights from indigenous people?

After all, "there are always two Sith lords - a master and his apprentice"...

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