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02 April 2016


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Thank you for sharing your story, Rose. Best wishes.

Holmes is always a perennial favourite for TV shows and films. In fact in some cases the actors have become more famous than the original.

I recommend the portrayals by Basil Rathbone, Douglas Wilmer and Peter Cushing. The best is probably Jeremy Brett, although there is a very creditable Russian series featuring Vasily Livanov who was even awarded an honorary MBE for his efforts.

Johnny Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch are both superb in modernised versions, but Jeremy Brett takes the biscuit as an authentic portrayal. The Hollywood version with Robert Downey Jr is crap.

PS. Wikipedia is wrong. Watson's service revolver was an Eley, not a Webley.

Yes! The infamous Black Peter - apparently a wife beater.

I think Holmes took him on head to head didn't he, Peter?

I recall something about him straightening out a bent iron poker?

I never got much further than Holmes with ACD, maybe when I'm a little stranger...

It was Roger Casement, the Irish nationalist who the British shot after the Easter Rebellion that exposed the atrocities in the Congo Peter. Arfur picked up on Casement's reports.

ACD wrote some great stuff apart from the Holmes stories. "The White Company" is a rollicking good adventure yarn set in the 12th century, his "History of the Boer War" is remarkably even-handed and based on first-hand experience. And Professor Challenger and The Lost World have been turned into film classics.

True, in his dotage he became obsessed with fairies, spiritualism and had a few run-ins with Harry Houdini, and he opposed female suffrage; but his expose of the Belgian atrocities in the Congo won him international fame, and he did some detective work of his own.

In his investigation of the unjust case against George Edalji, Doyle helped establish a way to correct other miscarriages of justice, and it was partially as a result of this case that the Court of Criminal Appeal was established in 1907.

But his dying words to his wife redeem him in my book "You are wonderful".

Incidentally he also played football for Portsmouth FC and cricket for the MCC. So an all-round good bloke I'd say.

Michael - I think ironically enough that the quote is from "The Adventure of Black Peter" which contains a reference to an investigation requested by the Pope and "the arrest of Wilson, the notorious canary trainer." Now there's food for thought.

That quote, Peter, was that from A study in Scarlet or the Sign of Four?

I have the distinct and utterly delicious pleasure of owning a very old and tattered paperback copy of the Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes - 56 stories and four novels.

I've lost track of how many times I've read the canon over the last 21 years I've owned it.

A great gift from Collin Filer - another strange white man, like you Peter Kranz.

I've just scared Rose witless by a suitable rendition of the story of the Mary Celeste - another great from Doyle. Turn the light's down low, set some moody music on and you can scare the hell out of the grandkids.

Was it aliens, or a sea monster, or pirates? Personally I prefer Ergot in the contaminated flour, which produces hallucinations. But what happened to the lifeboats? And why was there a gash in the ship's side? And the half-eaten meals? And the ship's chronometer turned upside down?

Best wishes to you, Rose. Thank you for sharing your story.

Lovely tale, Rose.

Michael - I think that's a compliment!

I am working my way through the complete works of the esteemed ACD. Here's one quote which I rather like and think you might too..

"Holmes, however, like all great artists, lived for his art's sake. So unworldly was he - or so capricious - I have seldom seen him claim any large reward for his inestimable services. He frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy...while he would devote weeks of intensive scrutiny to the affairs of some humble and penniless client."

Good old Arthur.

God bless.

Well done on your story, Ambai Rose.

It's great to hear of your recovery.

Your strange white man is an interesting character.

Very happy for you and Peter to read of the healing from afar.

Great story, Rose. It's wonderful to hear of your return to health.

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