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15 April 2016


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I can't comment on the good Mr Siaguru's case, as I used to work with his son (who was a friend). But the academic dress he is wearing is worthy of comment.

Uni bilas is a subject of some controversy. Apparently there is a convention that the design should be approved by some international academic dress council in the UK which oversees such standards.

But with new Unis sprouting like anything some ten years ago in PNG it became a free-for-all and some thought they could design their own which caused much tut-tutting in establishment circles.

I attended a few grad ceremonies at UPNG in my time but couldn't find locally a uniform appropriate to my qualifications, so I hired the standard UPNG grad bilas and wore that with pride.

King's would be outraged!

So am I now a graduate of UPNG or am I imposter? I don't know which is the best or funniest.

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