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27 March 2016


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In 2012, the PAC described Laloki as a "national disgrace" and made a scathing report on the institution. The Chairman said that the place breaches almost every human right identified by the UN and urged Government to immediately address the situation. What was done ? Nating.

Children sleep in locked wards with the criminally insane, TB patient, AIDS infected and geriatric patients. Murder and suicide is frequent. The hospital was at least 500% over populated with every sort of mental patient imaginable.

The staff housing was described by the PAC as " the worst we have ever seen" - and that was saying something.

there was no water and had not been for years.

As if this disgusting situation was not enough, right next door is a modern complex owned and operated by the Health Department which was not used - except by a former Minister for Health who rented it out to private tenants for his own profit.

What did the Foreign Aid "practitioners" do? Nating. What did the Department of Health do? Nating. What did the Government do? Nating.

I strongly suggest you read the PAC report which was accepted by the National Parliament and is therefore a report of the Parliament itself. The situation was so bad that two members of the Committee who visited the place wept at what they saw.

The Committee had difficulty describing the state of the place so, for the first time, included photos in order hat no-one could avoid seeing the state of the institution.

Florence, thank you for speaking up for the forgotten and the voiceless members of our society.

Florence, I watched your very popular ‘Olsem Wanem’ program last night on EMTV and it is refreshing to read this revealing piece of journalism here.

I hope our Health Minister, Michael Malabag, also watched the program and reads this. The Laloki Psychiatric hospital is an important institution for mental patients - the only one in the country. It is located in Port Moresby and one would expect all institutions in the nation’s capital to be up to date.

The government should not only concentrate on building super highways in the city which benefit only multi-million contractors. But not the deaf, the lame, the sick, the poor let alone mental patients.

But then again, nobody seems interested in our historical sites, scared carvings at Parliament House or the environment. The mental health patients will continue to live like that for some time it seems.

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