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06 March 2016


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Peter Kranz

Journalist and ex-adviser to Liberal Governments Nikki Savva has written a book about Tony Abbott's fall from grace and his apparently unhealthy relationship with his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, which includes this snippet.

"In 2013, the prime minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neill, wanted to meet then opposition leader Abbott. Credlin wouldn’t “allow” the meeting.

"Abbott asked his international affairs adviser, Mark Higgie, if he could “convince Peta” to allow the meeting. Her response was “it’s not going to happen” and it didn’t."

Why? Did Credlin think PNG wasn't worthy of attention?

mathias kin

O'Neil's court case for the Paraka signature saga will appear for final hearing on the 21/23 March 2016. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I believe this is it. His time is up!

Michael Dom

Damn straight, Keith - if he's found guilty, he'll be arrested and incarcerated.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

In PNG people confess their sins or ill feeling towards their relatives when they are sick or about to die. Not when they are surrounded with worldly splendour.

Paul Oates

That excuse that there is no evidence has been used by generations and begs the question that if nothing wrong has happened, why spend 1 more toea to continue to block the current court proceedings?

In the excellent movie 'The Insider', Russel Crowe plays the tobacco company employee that finally blows the whistle on the tobacco industry.

For decades, Big Tobacco had claimed 'There is no evidence smoking harms people or leads to lung cancer'.

That was because the tobacco companies already had at their disposal, available and proven evidence against smoking. This evidence was illegally withheld. For many years the tobacco industry made billions by scientifically and intentionally addicting people to smoke cigarettes. All the while the taxpayers were paying for the medical results of addictive smoking while tobacco companies perjured themselves and took legal action to prevent the real evidence getting out.

The tobacco industry even supported 'healthy' sport and claimed it paid huge taxes to help the government pay for government services including health. Wow! the duplicity is mind blowing yet they got away with it for years. The fact that people were dying in agony in their millions was clearly irrelevant.

The fact is, PNG already has the legal framework to investigate and convict those who break her laws. Corrupt dealings don't always end up in transparently visible direct payments. Look at Queensland's history of brown paper bags as a classic example?

If those who are ethically attempting to operate under the law are being continually and intentionally frustrated by those in control of government, it must beg the question 'Why'?

Surely the answer is obvious?

Continual denials, effective bribes and constant staff dismissals and changes can only prevent the collapse of a 'house of cards' for so long. The longer it takes, the bigger the effort to remove the problem and the results of the after effects will be more painful to those concerned.

Look at what happens to all dictators when they fall? Wouldn't it be just far better to bow our gracefully? Well that depends on your perspective.

Why change anything if you can continue to get away with it? The so called 'god complex' becomes just far too addictive.

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