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14 March 2016


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Lala ara taine ngalai.

Tata Lynette, nanga nde Yoko tei:)

Thank you for your lovely words. Our beautiful Matangala is a long way from where I am now but always in my heart. So nice to connect on PNG Attitude! Laikim x

Mboio ara mota Rashmii. Beautiful piece indeed. We have a beautiful home and thank you for sharing it with the world!

Every now and then, I go onto Google and search Sio just to read on what it was like before our time.

Now with changing times and inter-marriage, I try my best to tell my three children about the beautiful home where I spent my early childhood and to speak to them in tok ples as much as possible.

Seeing/reading a piece written by one of my own is truly a blessing. God bless you and family, mota! Continue the good work!

Laikim yu / Tata Lynette

Thank you, Joe. Yes, we must always hope and believe in what is possible.

Nice story, Rashmii, and thank you for sharing. Two of my children were born at ANGAU hospital in the mid 1980s. Despite the dilapidated conditions of the hospital and the lack of resources, like all pubic facilities, the PNG nurses were the face of love and human care. We have to believe in our people.

Hello Georgina. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments. Much appreciated.

Hi Rashmii, Excellent article, enjoyed reading. Liked your stories and views of our country. Your passion and interest in the country, its people.

I agree with you on this.... "I strongly believe that through written expression, the women of PNG can have their voices heard where other avenues in our society have not been facilitatory."

You and other women like you are the voice for the many women in our country. Keep up the good work and keep writing.

Thank you to PNG Attitude for publishing your article.

"Stir It Up"

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The difficulty for most Kiaps is that we were known by the tens of thousands of PNG people we worked with and therefore, find it hard to remember many individuals apart from many village leaders and officials.

I hope there are others who could send you photos of your home village? I regret that mine are being held by someone else who isn't so far prepared to release either the photos or any copies.

Boara, Paul😀 I am excited to hear that you know of my village well. Perhaps you will know my family then? If you have any photos from your time there that you'd be happy to let me have a look at, please email me at

I've started following an Instagram page fairly recently (@un_archive) hosted by a Sara Baur-Harding who has catalogued pictures taken by anthropologist, Thomas G Harding (1937 -2013) and his time in the area; Wasu, Sialum, Sio etc. It's wonderful seeing all these pictures - the sand was so much whiter back then!

Fuli biang Rashmii. A little over 40 years ago I was the Kiap who looked after Sio and the Tewae area. I too have very fond memories of the area and people although some media reports these days make me wonder if the wonderful blue lagoon at Sialum is as peaceful as it once was.

Best regards,

Paul Oates

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