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07 March 2016


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Great personality, easy going & soft spoken person to admire. A great writer, promoter & contributor in the literacy world of Enga & PNG.

It was through his promotion that I have been hooked up with PNG Attitude. without knowing him & his motivation in me I would have not come this far in comments & poetry contribution in PNG Attitude.

I acknowledge him greatly for his tireless efforts to revive the writers association in Enga,in which I am one of the executives. Through him I am promoting literacy writing in the schools.

I like this story, Daniel. Infact, when you write on any subjects of the past I find it hard to put it away because your stories always take me back to my. Wonderful early days in the 1960s and 70s. Those were the great moments of my life.

Good one, bro....

This is an awesome account of your life and this truely reveals that you were born for a purpose and that is for a change. Keep making an impact and go miles for the benefit of your growing nation.

Daniel you have been the voice of all of Enga. You are the truest patriotic Engan I have ever seen, sharing our cultures and beliefs with the rest of Papua New Guinea. I am waiting to read the full book. Thanks.

Thank you for your story and in particular fo mentioning Fr. Jerry Theis. Fr.Theis were friends in the seminary at Techny, I was in Techny in June, but missed Fr. Theis. I then came to Mt Hagen and Kiripia with Fr. Joe Bisson, to teach English for two months, but came down with a dibilitating ear infection for a month and a half. I didn' have a witch doctor to cure me. I spent the last two weeks teaching English to the 9th graders, who are ill equipped to sit for the national exam. There is a huge need for brave writers to keep before the public those politicians who take money earmarked for schools, teachers, hospitals and nurses to line their own pockets. You know how difficult it is to get a credible education when teachers are no being paid. Their have to eat and take care of their families. While in Kiripia, many children were fainting in class for lack of food. Many of the schools closed early because the fraught and frost wrecked havoc on the garden food supply. During this crisis, government officials were spending much needed resources building rugby stadiums, which are still not completed. Can you get pictures of those stadiums.. PNG has so many problems that needs politicians who are unselfish and are willing to take care of the country's resources and spend them on much needed infrastructure, education and the health system.
I hope you will continue to use your voice to encourage the government to have prostitutes examined monthly, or even more frequently and when found infected, taken off the market. Otherwise the country is going to implode from this most dangerous, incurable health hazard. I saw too many cry- cries, victims of HIV, in the short time I was in PNG.
Keep up the good work and share your knowledge and expertise with them school children and college students coming behind you.
John P. Moore

Thank you for all your comments.

Sikin R, Thomas. Its good to hear that you've made it in life. I helped a dozen others too including final year journalism students from UPNG and Divine Word University. Two of them worked with EMTV for a while. I was very proud when I saw them on my TV screen. One of them moved to Australia. A fourth female student I helped was the niece of late Paul Lare, the 'Radio Man' who came to record our songs many years ago.

Martin, I take your point. Radio was indeed a powerful tool. But the book is in the final stages of preperation for publication. I will try and add some bits in a revised edition later.

Fr Roche thanks. Fr Theis is still going strong. And so is Jim Fenton the first kiap who established Kandep Patrol Post. And I ask a pertinent question in my book - 'Why is it that they (kiaps, planters, traders) are still living when many of our young educated elites are dying young?
I met Fr Theis in front of the Mt Hagen Post Office a couple of months before he left for the US and I felt his hands were thick, rough and strong.

Israel Ipatas, I am glad you read it. The point you make about the mobile phones, the internet and social media is important. I mention it in my book in another chapter dealing with action movies and violence. I hope you will read the book.
But social media to me is like the tabloid newspapers which speculate to much and blow stories out of proportion. So I concern myself with mainstream media only.

Joe Herman. Yes our paths crossed once. I begin to enjoy your stories on PNG Attitude. Keep writing and share your experiences with us as a successful Engan who lives in the states for a long time. I took a glimpsing shot of your dad, Herman at the Wapenamanda airport with Jacob last year. I will email the picture to you.

Aimos Joe Akem, thats a bit too much but thanks anyway. You are entittled to your opinion about me and those of us you mention. The late Kundapen Talyanga was a proud Engan. He was thickly involved in our provincial development program - Enga Yakaa Lasemanda. Enga misses him.

Angra John and Awi Raymond, As we move away from home we see ourselves as different and begin to compare with thse we meet. You tell yourself that your country is not all that bad after all. And a sense of longing, a sense of pride takes over your inner most being - thus national pride. You want to protect your country from harm so we as writers try to expose corruption, child abuse etc to ensure our country remains strong and healthy as God intended it to be for all citizens to enjoy.

Michael Dom, thanks. I showed leadership in developing and promoting literature a long time ago starting when I was a student at UPNG. The evidence was 'Remember Me' and other stories from Enga province published last year. I hope to publish a collection of poems soon written at that time. I am withholding the manuscript because I do not wish to load up Phil. I also have a draft copy of a book written by one of our senior health official here. Like many writers in PNG, he was looking for a publisher. I will publish extracts of it in PNG Attitude soon. And Iam working towards reviving the Enga Writers Assciatin again.

Yes, I hope my country will see me through my book 'I Can See My Country Clearly Now' - not only me but those of us born to 'kanaka' parents and grew up in primitive conditions.

Thank you, Daniel, for this fascinating glimpse of your life story.

It seems that radiomen and journalists always have exciting backgrounds.

I believe that your country can now see you clearly too.

Your experience in the media industry is an added skill to managing and motivating literary activities in PNG, like the Crocodile Prize.

There's no need to look too far for that leadership then.

Daniel Kumdon is synonymous with Enga News. His beards, the highlands cap and those handsome smiles will be remembered well by all those who know him. He is a great orator, village leader, educated elite, renowned journalist and a writer. We the young Engans adore you Daniel Kumbon. Others i admire are Aki Tumu, Gamar Iki, Geoffrey Apakali and Late Kundapen Talyaga. These are strong Educated Engans

We crossed paths early on. Nice to read this piece. Look forward to reading the rest of your story.

Daniel, I enjoyed reading your piece but I would enjoy more if you had added a paragraph or two on how mobiled internet & social media is affecting the mainstream media from your perspective.

In 1986, I was doing my year 9 at Wabag Provincial High School. I went to seek for Christmas Holiday Job in the Media unit where Daniel Kumbon was running this Enga Nius in Wabag. Without any hesitation, I recall he call me "Kamio meaning brother" He engaged me to assist in the printing, getting those glue, scissors, letraset etc to get the printing down.

That was my foremost job experience in my life as a student and well appreciated his assistance.

Now I enjoy working aboard in another foreign Land with the World Health Organisation (SSA) in Vanuatu. By reading his life story reminds me of my part-time working with him. Thanks Daniel. From Sikin Rex Thomas.

Jerry Theis still alive at 84 in Chicago. I remember many of the Radio Western Highlands Radio personnel, Anna Pundia, like Raphael Doa, has passed away. As far as I know Paul Piel and Paul Rey still going strong, - but I no longer live in Hagen and am out of touch.

Thank you, Daniel,

I've not accessed your book and perhaps you talk of your broader Radio Western Highlands experiences there? I hope so.

Come what may, I urge you to ensure that your experiences with the NBC in its early days are recorded for future generations.

I was with the DIES at Radio Kerema, Radio Morobe, Radio Bougainville and with the NBC at HQ in Port Moresby. William Kundin (whom you mention) was, of course, a distinguished colleague, as was Philip Kapal, who took over from me as Station Manager of Radio Morobe.

Please jot down your memories of the early days of radio. As a media historian, I can assure you that every recollection counts. I especially enjoyed your memories from school days!

Thank Daniel for your story. Keep lighting that fire...and hold fast to the the noble vision you have. All is not entirely lost yet.

Thank you Daniel for your story. I've always been interested reading about your experiences in your travels to those far off lands.

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