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18 February 2016


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Michael and John - very much agree with you both.

I started writing this piece around the first week of 2016 and only managed to finish it a few nights ago. It started as a sort of pep talk to self for the year ahead. It is one of my favourite songs and along with Notorious B.I.G tracks, is on repeat when I sit to write.

Yes there is still hope. Lets not throw in the towel yet.
After all are said and done, and the dust settles on Waigani, we the people have always lived, and carried on living, and will probably carry on living after Waigani collapses.

And a good perspective: Hope not only after every two weeks, but hope everyday is a good medicine for the soul.

But as I said elsewhere in an article, lets take the small actions that are necessary. Small incremental but the right kind of actions.

For starters, the educated elites, right thinking and right-doing people of all ages and ethnic affiliations should form a one voice and have a single vision for this beautiful country.

And if PNG Attitude is providing a platform for that voice, then so be it.

God bless PNG!

I hope that the Crocodile Prize will go on and on and on and on.

And that we don't stop believing in this place called PNG Attitude, because before we met at this station, we were on the midnight train going anywhere.

We were strangers, waiting, shadows searching in the night.

Now we are writers. No longer hiding somewhere in the night.

And I can feel that riff - don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling.

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