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05 February 2016


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Arnold Mundua

Thanks Phil, it was in the recent times that I learnt from someone that the engine was located at the rear. Unfortunately, there is no VW around to physically prove it. But thanks, Phil.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Engine in the back Arnold. They were also air cooled. Worked well in the highlands but a bugger on the coast.

Arnold Mundua

As a kid I saw VWs running around in Goroka town driven by the expatriates thete. But I never knew that the engine was at the rear end of the vehicle like the modern cars. Is that true?

Tony Massingham

When I was eight my father Bill Massingham took on a posting teaching Manual Arts at Kwikila High School from 1969 to 1973.

Mr Stolz, the principal of Kwikila High School, drove a VW just like the one in the picture. I did a few trips to Hula and Kapa Kapa in that bus and it's replacement built on the back of an Austin Truck between 1969 and when I left to go to boarding school at the end of 1971.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Thanks for the photo Chris. The Volkswagen reminds me of a similar car I saw owned by one of our teachers (was it Mr McRae or Mr Wilberg?) at Kandep Primary T School in the 1960s. I think VWs were popular in the territory in those days.

Phil Fitzpatrick

I imagine that's a vast improvement on the one Bill had to endure - look at all those mod cons, glass in the windows - what luxury.

Of course, it's not dissimilar to all the PMVs that ply the Mosbi to Kwikila road nowadays. At the least they have a bitumen road I guess.

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