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03 February 2016


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Munro Kennedy

What a great story. And told in a style that matches the scene perfectly. No connection with PNG, an interested observer only.

Barbara Short

Great story. Keep writing!

Arthur Williams

I enjoyed it too Bill.

The thing about the bus which I recall, is the amount of dust which covered us by the end of our trip to Kwikila's old kalabus where we were housed for the few months orientation.

We married guys had left our wives behind in Sydney to join us after the course. We got a room at Mapang until flying out via a stopover in Rabaul ('due to weather in New Ireland') to Kavieng.

I arrived at my posting in New Hanover on Christmas Eve.

Those 45 years have flown.

Philip G Kaupa

I need to read this book. I can get a glimpse of a beautiful past.

Not a book yet, Philip, but Bill Brown is preparing more articles for PNG Attitude taken from his unpublished memoir, which I hope won't stay unpublished for long - KJ

Gordon Barry Shirley

Excellent please carry on. Many of us chalkies had similar experiences.

Paul Oates

It sure brings back the memories. Thanks Bill.

Our arrival was also through that corrugated iron shed in 40+ degrees and that comment about the 'bus' that took us to our field training at Kwikila in '69....

You've said it Phil. Dark blue with white top admin colours and 60 miles of potholes and no padded seats and Nonsa from Buang driving.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Looking forward to the next episode Bill.

Your frank and detailed style is most engrossing.

I hope there's a book on the way.

PS They were still using the same bus to pick up new cadets in 1967 when I arrived - except maybe they'd painted it dark blue.

Chips Mackellar

Terrific story Bill, just as I remember my arrival in PNG four years later.

But where can we buy your book?

Noel Pascoe | Facebook

Down to earth writing, the poor guy.

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