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20 February 2016


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Likewise to Mathias Kin, in Banz town, North Waghi District of Jiwaka Province majority of the shops(retail, wholesale, restaurants) are all owned by the foreigners especially the Chinese.
We cannot take it anymore, those in authority must take advantage and do something as soon as possible before they ruin us or the situation changes from bad to worse.

Well said Mr. Kin.

It is complex, maybe people power can spark change?

Rose nearly died when she contracted dysentery from a foreign-owned kai bar. The fish was bad, the sisters rang me and we got her to hospital just in time.

PNG needs to wake up. She went back and complained and only avoided being assaulted by the intervention of some PNG locals.

Yes the works stinks. Every Chinese chop owner or a kai bar owner has a politician behind him. Even as soon they enter a town, they quickly entice a local policeman and put them on their payroll.

In any event, they quickly pick up a mobile and soon that blue uniformed man is at the door. In Kundiawa, Goroka and Hagen, even in our little Chuave town on the highlands highway we have a Chinese company operating selling very cheap clothes and electrical appliances. How do we stop them?

Once again it points to strong leaders or a lack of it that promoting these rubbish to continue.

This is one of the unfortunate consequences of the government not funding the health inspectors to do their job so that they can inspect such places regularly.

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