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MP is misleading Oro people about funds, says Governor

The Waigani Language

The golden handshakeJIMMY AWAGL

You speak English
Your voice will not be heard

You speak Pidgin
Your concern will go in vain

You speak Motu
Your cry encounters deaf ears

You speak Kuman
Your needs are overlooked

You speak Kuanua
Your needs will be ignored

But speak the Waigani Language
Your presence is greeted immediately

Your concerns are entertained
Your demands will be attended

Immediately or faster
For your rewards are rich

They owe you money
They owe you lunch

Even an SP Brownie, & a lass
All come as a package

From this Waigani Language
The sweet music of bribery


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Jimmy Awagl

When people want their issues or claim to be fast tracked they have to bribe the so called paper puncher to surface your claims immediately. and its evident every anytime anywhere. what a painful practice.

Paul Waugla Wii

Iam sick and tired of this so- called Waigani Lingo.

Next time you turn up at a public office for a genuine business, maintain your ground. Just don't give in to those pot-bellied public servants and paper pushers.

Jimmy Awagl

Great John and Mathias, we are in the most corrupt countries of the world. because of favouritism, nepotism and bribery. what a pity for our country with such a practice.

John K Kamasua

Bribery is as ancient as selling and buying but the scale of it has reached gigantic proportions in this country and many parts of the world. It is evil, and it is corrupt!

Mathias Kin

It happens everywhere now. The government ministers are into it and all the way down to the lowest public servants - the security guards all want a part of it.

No wonder we are among the top most corrupt nations of the world. And then I wonder if the Prime Minister and his bunch of ministers see what you and I and the whole wide world out there sees?

Jimmy Awagl

John it started in Pom the headquarters of PNG where the Government departments are located.
The syndrome spread through out the country now.

Every one has to bribe to get themselves served to gain their lawful claims.

John K Kamasua

its now the png language...upgrade from waigani language

Jimmy Awagl

The so called officers at Waigani and elsewhere in PNG will attend to your needs only if you offer them money, beer and lunch when you deserve not to pay anything at all.

Michael Dom

Very fluent language, Jimmy.

I've heard of this language. It gets spread around in 'dribs and drabs'.

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