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15 January 2016


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This calamity has all the hallmarks of what has to be recognised as the real disease. A disease so insidious that no one in power dares mention it.

This disease has been growing in malevolence for decades through a total refusal by those in charge to confront the obvious cause.

Everyone knows the answer to the problem and the remedy is well known. Yet no one can apparently bring themselves to confront why nothing constructive is being done.

The real disease is not TB. The inability to address this form of TB is only the symptom. The real disease is the inability of the relevant authorities and those responsible to act and act decisively.

No one in power dares ask 'Why is it so'? That is because everyone really knows the answer.

There is an old fable called the 'The Emperor’s new clothes'.

In that fable, the Emperor was introduced to a magical tailor who claimed he could make the best clothes in the world. The Emperor wanted the best of everything so he ordered a suit of clothes from this tailor. The tailor pretended to make an imaginary set of clothes and put them on the naked Emperor. No one dared say what they really saw when the Emperor walked around naked in his imaginary suit. Everyone commented on how the Emperor looked so wonderful including and most importantly, the Emperor’s closest advisers.

Then a simple child said: “Look, the Emperor has no clothes!” then everyone had to agree.

So with the simplicity of a child, let’s simply identify the problem. Those in charge and those responsible clearly cannot and will not act and behave in a responsible manner and do what they are paid to do. Those leaders who just accept this malaise are just as guilty as those who can’t bring themselves to do what they are being paid for.

An Australian news documentary traveled to Daru some time ago and filmed documentary proof how those with the disease were not being treated effectively and the authorities were not in control.

Why is it so? Because no one is responding to the voice of reality. That indictment includes the Australian and Queensland governments who just as guilty by washing their hands of the problem as the PNG government and Health Department Minister and staff are in allowing this situation continue.

Perhaps the only answer is a traditional ‘No9 boot, applied in the most efficacious manner?’

Ahh, Penge!

Same old, same speed, eh laka.

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