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Simbu Writers Association on the rock’n’rolling for 2016

Francis and colleaguesFRANCIS NII

AT its first meeting for 2016 held in the Mt Wilhelm Tourist Hotel last Friday, Simbu Writers Association executives developed strategies for the organisation’s 2016 activities.

Re-elected president Jimmy Drekore, vice president Jimmy Awagl, treasurer Francis Nii and newly elected secretary Angela Kaupa spent three hours reviewing the achievements and hiccups of 2015 and planning for 2016.

Among the important matters discussed was the 2016 Simbu for Literary Excellence Program – an annual debate, quiz and literature competition for provincial high and secondary schools – which was started in 2014.

The final program will be presented to the SWA members for endorsement at a general meeting scheduled for Monday 1 February.

This year’s award event will be held in June atop Papua New Guinea at Mt Wilhelm Secondary School in the shadows of PNG’s highest mountain. If things work out okay, we might be honoured to have someone from one of the foreign missions in PNG as guest of honour.

The other important matter discussed was purchasing land at a cost of K20,000. The executive resolved that SWA must make money to sustain its programs in the long term and to do that it must have land of its own on which income generating activities can happen.

The objective is to erect a multi purchase auditorium, an idea that was floated in SWA and Crocodile Prize circles last year.

A temporary place has to be arranged before the arrival of the container of books that Murray Bladwell and his team of Brisbane Rotarians will send us. Given the land shortage in Kundiawa, the executive discussed the possibility of securing mobile storage by placing the container on a wheeled frame.

The executive has resolved that only schools with a library will receive the donated books. No library no books.

Simbu has been selected as the venue for the 2016 highlands think tank quiz and SWA is responsible for event preparation. The executive resolved that the venue should be the Kundiawa Lutheran Day High School’s auditorium.

The production of a biography of prominent Simbus was the other important matter discussed. Many names for insertion were floated at the meeting including musical icon Tom Lari, rugby league legend Bal Numapo and politician Wera Mori.


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Bob Cleland

Good to see you all continuing your excellent work. Congratulations.

Ed Brumby

A great example of what a group of can do people can do. Well done!

Francis Nii

We haven't thought about that, Peter. Thanks for bringing the idea forward. We might look into that.

Michael Dom

Top team. Top news. Top of the PNG world.

Peter Kranz

Excellent news Francis and Angela and Jimmy.

Have you thought of linking with the UPNG Open College centre, near the library? It's been a few years but I discussed at length with the then director the idea of developing a Simbu cultural centre in collaboration with the library (then unopened).

It could promote Simbu cultural history and performance/display arts, provide educational programmes, be a magnet for tourists and be an arts display centre and possibly also a small theatre.

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