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30 January 2016


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Raymond Komis Girana

K27 billion is too much for a country like our that is struggling economically. O'Neill and his government have added yet another burden to what has already been a struggle for our country over the past years. I hate to read and hear of the term 'weak' or 'failed' state as often referred to Pacific Island States. Are we through this current government headed by O'Neill trying to put a permanent stamp upon such analysis? This is a wake up call and it is time we look at alternatives in terms of good governance coz there's more room to move. Citizens, let us decide what is best for our nation.

John K Kamasua

Many educated and informed people were hoodwinked into believing everything was all right.

Polye should not be grandstanding to look righteous. He had a chance to put things right, right?

Paul Waugla Wii

What right has Peter O'Neill to sell the future of our children?

Something is totally wrong with the current regime.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Burn Waigani. All good citizens living in Port Moresby go back to your villages if you love your homeland.

Paul Oates

Isn't there a parable in the Bible about a man who sold his birthright for a 'mess of pottage'?

Mathias Kin

Wow, this is dangerous. What happens to my children? Do we have a future?

I don't totally understand the economics of all this but surely I know that our children and those to be born will be the very people who will have to live with the mistakes of O'Neill.

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