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26 January 2016


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Michael Dom

Accounting for vultures - a cinquain

Sick: Birds

of a feather

flock together. Vultures

spread broad wings, hardened beaks to rip

dead flesh.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Well, clowns pat each other on the back for making the criminal justice system believing that one plus one is three.

Steven Ilave Snr

For me, someone who speculates with public funds, takes out big loans, gamble with the future of PNG Children, and arrogantly leave them the obligation to repay later, deserves no prudent financial management recognition. What a circus. What a laugh. God have mercy !

Raymond Sigimet

This is like a bad TV show with all its bad acting which you find yourself watching everyday because there's no other channels to switch to.

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