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New head bishop for PNG’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Rev Jack UrameONE PNG

THE Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea has a new head bishop.

Reverend Jack Urame from Goroka District was elected by the 30th synod of the church held at Heldsbach near Finschhafen in Morobe Province.

Reverend Urame replaces the outgoing head, Bishop Giegere Wenge.

An exhaustive voting system by 510 delegates from 17 church districts led to the outcome.

Lucas Kidabing from Yabim District was voted in as Assistant Bishop replacing Reverend Zao Rapa and General Secretary Albert Toakave was replaced by Bernard Kaisom from Karkar District.

This is the first time a non-Morobean has occupied the post, as Bishop Urame hails originally from Sinasina in Simbu.

Many Lutherans welcomed the election results and describe it as the changing of the old guard with neutral persons voted in.

A formal handover ceremony will take place in March.


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Henzley Urame

Congratulations Rev Urame.
you are the first highlands bishop elected to take up the great responsibilty that awaits you.
i pray and believe that god will guide you and direct you so that you will put every thing that was previously not in order.
im pleased of you as a father,uncle,brother and the newly elected Bishop of the Lutheran Church of PNG.

Jimmy Awagl

Congratulations Rev Urame.

You are the first Highlander to be the Head Bishop since the last 100 plus years after Yabeim and Kote Districts dominated the post.

Your leadership will set the bench mark for others to follow. the 2 million followers of Lutheran faith are with you, With God's grace you can lead the Church.

God Bless your career

Peter Pirape Anage

Like the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church has played a major role in the early civilisation of PNG as a country especially through the its core role in spreading the Word of God and pacifying uncivilised natives.

They started the role of moulding and shaping the country through provision of training and capacity building including provisions of health & education services.

Of late, the Lutheran Church has being capturing the headlines for all the wrong reasons and this has given a very bad impression of the Lutheran Church.

With the election of the new Head Bishop in Rev Urame, I am hopeful that church business can be outsourced or kept away from spiritual business.

Pastors must not become finance managers, business agents, etc. i.e.,wheeling and dealing for the Church. Outsource church business activities to professional people so that business is accountable to the Church and run transparently.

May the Lutheran Church be blessed and its work throughout the land.

John K Kamasua

Congratulations Rev Urame. May you provide the transparent and Godly leadership that the Lutheran Church needs for now and the future!!

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