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29 January 2016


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Bro John I agree totally with you. The government need to revamp the junior competition. There are so many good kids in the schools who can go on the better things at senior stages if given that chance. The government must spend money on the Juniors now.

As I am writing this there are not strong junior rugby league or schoolboys/girls program around the country. There are only disjointed and one-off programs here and there.

Given the love of the game in the country, and the potential for it to grow, it will be a wise decision if bigger slices of the Australian aid funding go into these areas.

It is better to develop the skills and talents of the young players at an early age.

Yes, the Hunters left their worst game for the last....and it left a very bitter taste in our mouths. There's even bigger sponsorship of K7.6 million from SP Brewery until 2020.

But money is not the only thing that will change and improve both the quality and standard of the game. There are more areas to improve.

The ball is squarely in the courts of the current administrators to ensure they see beyond the dollars!

Well written. It's taken this long and may well take some more years before we are truly taken seriously as a genuine rugby league nation that produces players good enough to play in the NRL.

The Hunters should win the Queensland Cup this year. Willie Minoga and Otio should play NRL this year and Israel Elaib will be a star in the Super League. Then the NRL clubs will sit up to see the potential available in PNG.

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