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20 January 2016


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Paul Oates

All these thoughts are very good Joe but what is holding PNG back is as we have agreed on many times; True Leadership.

The sort of leadership PNG is crying out for is not really a traditional role within the traditional culture of PNG in my humble opinion. The role of the so called 'big man' and the traditional 'fight leader' are expounded as leadership roles yet they are really only vague images of community perceptions.

True leadership is the type being expounded and practised by people like Gary Juffa who is walking the talk. Governor Juffa provided an excellent example of a senior Public Servant when he as responsible for PNG Customs. Now he has resisted the temptation to bow down before the opposition he is meeting from those who don't want anyone to follow his example.

Don Polye also made an ethical stand against the PM when he spoke out against the buying into the LNG business and now look at what has happened to PNG's national assets due to the collapse in world fuel prices. The cause of this collapse has nothing to do with PNG and is due to a price war being instituted between the Gulf oil dictators and the US who undercut their monopoly on oil with its shale oil reserves. The other factor that for so long made the US great was that oil had to be paid for in US dollars.

That monopoly has now been broken and the subsequent imbroglio is the result. Everyone seems to be scratching their collective heads about why it costs much to same for petroleum products when the basic cost of oil is a fraction on what it was. Someone is therefore price gauging and it not hard to work out who. Obviously those who are in the food chain of big oil producers. Yet unaccountably, governments seem to be 'egg bound'. As the yanks say: 'Go figure'. The taxes being reaped on the sale of oil products are of course the answer.

Governments must stay our of business otherwise they risk becoming beholden to it. There is a basic and clear conflict of interest when those responsible for legislating then become involved in the business they legislate about. The temptation to dabble then becomes too great for the weak to resist.

It will be very interesting to see where the Deputy Leader of the PNG Opposition Mr Sam Basil will take the now revamped PANGU Pati during the lead up to the next general election.

As has been said many times before: 'Evil triumphs when good (people) do nothing'.

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