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25 January 2016


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John K Kamasua

PNG should not be a place for others to label us as cannibals....yet it must not be a place for rapists!!!

I think this country has been too lenient with rapists and rape cases!!

Auiya Konga

PNG is not the place assumed by foreigners. Their comments have really disappointed me as a citizen of this country.

We are not cannibals or murderers or whatever you foreigners say. Those incidents happened because it was the people's own fault.

Foreigners be careful when describing our beautiful country. We have the full force of law in place and it deals with such matters and bring solutions.

I don't think rape and murder are issues for PNG alone. They occur worldwide.

We are really frustrated when you foreigners describe our country in this way. Don't pinpoint all innocent citizens and think before you speak please in future.

Ed Brumby

Well said, Busa. My first thought when I read about the Kokoda 'incident' in the Australian press was why our media are not doing more to raise awareness among Australians about the widespread abuse and rape of PNG women. Typically, seemingly, it's only when caucasians are involved that the mainstream Australian media take any interest. Shame on them, and us.

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