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16 November 2015


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Squarely in the glorious tradition of W.E. Bowman. You sure the Nautica didn't take a wrong turning and ended up 153 feet above sea level on the slopes of Rum Doodle?

At least we wouldn't be pitching and rolling like a two bob drunk - KJ

Keith, sounds like you ended up with a 'Rhum deal'? Good thing you didn't get washed up or cleaned up?

Hell-ville eh? Doesn't sound all that bad. Maybe all those sermons have got it wrong after all? Perhaps they have followed the wrong road map and may have ended up in the best place instead of the worst? Imagine that, no elections and no one in the UN worries? N

Keith, we sorrow with you as you endure the demoralising privation associated with diminishing changes of pristine livery. Hopefully, you may be able to get room service to avoid a public display of wrinkled rags and relative degrees of putrefaction and dishevelment arising from your dilemma.

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