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23 November 2015


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Hi, I never had the chance to come across a warm and wonderful story about Peter, who is my cousin brother. I was also born around this time and must have been little when this was happening.

You are wonderful woman. I have been working for the government outside the capital city Port Moresby, and I just came across this heart warming story.

Thank you and God bless you.

Wonderful story which touched my heart,may you both continue to bring joy to all you can in PNG. When will your book be available digitally Peter? Christmas greetings to you and your family.

Lovely story Peter! God bless you and Marian. We'll meet again one day.

L O V E ;- is universal, everlasting.

"Love one another as I have loved you".

Had the joy of holding PNG babies 50 years ago working in Rabaul but not like this special story.

Just had to read this twice.

Thank you Marian

Hi Peter and Marian. What a wonderful story this is. Peter is the best master storyteller I have ever met. When teaching with him at Redfield College, I would stay mesmerised when he starts a story of his life at PNG. I would stay put for as long as it takes to relish the last bit of the story.
Thanks both of you for enriching the lives of so many.
Wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.
Charles and Grace

Well done Peter and Marian. What a wonderful story and also what you both have achieved over the years together in PNG. Take care. Cheers.

This is an amazing story.Could not back my tears to admire Marian's unconditional connection with Peter and the people of Tingwon.
This wonderful act shown by a wonderful person will not be easily erased from the memories..
I'm greatly encourgaed!

Edward Siavor

The picture of Marian holding Peter is priceless.I see a concentration of deep mother's love connecting with infant Peter which continues to flow today. A great enduring tale of human love and care.

Thank you for those lovely comments.... I desperately need to learn more about the history of Tingwon. We are endeavoring get to collect resources for the school which has wonderful and committed teachers but is sadly neglected..even by the school inspectors who rarely visit. The lack of resources is PNG wide but the committment of the teachers is truly humbling.

what a marvellous story, Peter and Marian. It also goes to show how well you mixed in with local people in your early days in PNG. It certainly brought tears to my eyes.

Wow! A beautiful story and I know both of you will have found a special place in this community's heart and your names will be held in high esteem.

I guess in PNG this is the stuff Tumbuna stories are made of and your stories will no doubt be recorded in this peoples hearts and minds and will be told over and over around fires and be passed down generations.

A truly beautiful, very well told story. I have family from Tingwon and usually here of the struggle to get to Kavieng town for the basic services especially health related. Peter is a miracle! Thank you for sharing this story.

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