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14 October 2015


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Ghandi Katao

While these are the fitting words for most of our leaders. On the other end is the ignorance of the people. This had and will continue to create a thriving environment for fakers! The gravest concern here is, how long will we the people continue to reject knowledge? Unless this time comes our salvation is far from reach!

Dominica Are

I pray and hope for the downfall of the wicked.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Bunch of eunuchs in the criminal justice system have not used one iota of the law to acquit or sentence. All they do is shiver at the sight of money, guns, women and promotion.

They take all and run leaving the rightholders (the people) to fend for themselves in an obsolete democracy.

While the fourth arm of government such as the Auditor General, Task Force Sweep, Ombudsman Commission, Public Service Commission etc are demolished through ignorance and meagre funding.

How long can this go on? Insh Allah?

Paul Oates

Let’s be brutally honest about this subject.

All human societies originally evolved from small hunter/gatherer groups that gradually coalesced into semi-permanent villages depending on whether there were sufficient resources available to support a larger and fairly static population. Some societies were able to evolve into larger societies and permanent villages and cities but only if there were sufficient resources available in order to do so.

When resources start to diminish due to either environmental conditions/degradation or over population or a combination of both, there is inevitably conflict to determine who will survive.

Irrespective of any fantasies of modern imagination or what some may choose to delude themselves in believing and wherever they currently live, the ancestors of everyone on the Earth today will have at some stage has gone through this continuum. So whatever is currently happening in PNG today has happened elsewhere and probably many, many times previously. It will also happen again unless we choose to learn from the mistakes of others through the historical records that we today are lucky enough to have available.

I and many others like me previously made the mistake of thinking we could explain what societal constraints would work in PNG based on our knowledge of the human history. Having now had the benefit of hindsight and the opportunity to learn from my children and grandchildren, I now believe I see the problem far more clearly.

You can never fully pass on the knowledge gained from experience without first having had those listening conceptualize the problem themselves. What is possible however is to educate oneself and your perspective on life as to what works well and what doesn’t. That’s why history used to be taught in a comprehensive way at school.

Those who long for a beautiful, Utopian existence where the sun always sines and the fruit just needs to be picked from the trees or the fish caught easily in the local rock pools ain’t never really tried it as a long term lifestyle plan. Self-delusion is a great way to dream away a lazy Sunday afternoon but it ain’t practical.

The problem is really very simple. PNG was bequeathed a set of rules that were inappropriate for her people and no amount of tinkering will ever fix what was at the very start basically a false premise. The Westminster system doesn’t work in PNG. It never did nor will it ever work while the conditions that evolved in order to allow this this system of government to evolve do not and have never yet happened in PNG. The majority of PNG people were not ready or sufficiently prepared for the type of government imposed upon them at Independence.

Having now traveled and seen how the British left their former 20th Century colonies in the lurch so to speak, when they gave up trying to manage half the world, I can now understand why the UN Committee led by Sir High Foot imperialistically pontificated PNG should be immediately prepared for Independence and have it granted it as soon as possible. All Australia could do was effectively say to the UN "Yes Sir!'

But the British mistake was to myopically believe they knew best. Wrong! You only have to look at Nigeria, India and Pakistan, Burma, Malaya, Kenya, Fiji, etc. etc. to see that the Westminster system is not only impractical, it is also divisive while ever there are insufficient checks and balances available to keep the government of the day accountable to the people.

When the system of checks and balances on a government aren’t working the eventual result is chaos, confusion, corruption frustration and the potential for revolution. One has only to look at human history to see how this happens.

So if we agree on the problem, what’s the answer?

Look at what works and what doesn’t and start changing direction. The trouble is, those in charge maybe don’t want any change in direction, and guess why?

Well it could be summed up in the words of an 18th Century American revolutionary against the tyranny of British rule; “We all have to hang together or else we’ll definitely hang separately!’.

But in this case, it’s only a matter of time before bonds that keep those corrupt together (i.e. greed), then logically start to disintegrate since they only arise due to a lack of effective checks and balances.

Philip G Kaupa

The wolves here are nothing but puppies being monitored by some giant dogs! When these connections come to light, they cannot be tolerated in our Melanesian society. We are likely to see a civil war and economic collapse.

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