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18 September 2015


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What? Like he who has the most toys wins?

It's a real dilemma being trapped in a society whose very being and way of life is problematic.

You may, for instance, hate the whole concept of materialism and the aspirational emphasis on wealth but what can you do when survival depends upon operating within that system.

My experience with beachcombers, as opposed to urban hippies and tree-changers, is that they manage to live independent lives outside the mainstream without relying on it for survival.

Our French friend on Rarotonga, for instance, received no assistance from anyone. He grew his own vegetables and caught his own fish. The small amount of money he got for his rum came from selling a few vegies at the market. He didn't have electricity and all the gadgets that depend upon it.

Along the way he entertained the locals with his books and encouraging a reading culture among the kids. For this he was allowed to live on his patch rent free.

He passed away about two years ago and was buried with great ceremony by his island friends.

Beachcombers may well be happy with their lot but they mostly still require some form of support from others, whether that be from something inside a bottle or just some company occasionally. Maybe they need to write about how happy they are so that others who choose to work hard then feel jealous?

Perhaps the true test and sum total of the value of a human life is what that person leaves behind them after they die?

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