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19 September 2015


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Very inspiring. You're a strong woman.

That wasn't you in Kundiawa with the radiant beautiful smile.

Bravo, bravo bravo... if it did hide these tragic sojourns in life, may the smile light up all of us with your sincerity, even though our meeting was in passing.

Roslyn, it is with honesty, courage and total acceptance of oneself that one can truly be felt forgiven.

I thank God for my mum too, like you endured the sarcasms, criticisms, and angst when she had to raise my brother and I herself, although she never reached that far in her education,

She thrived with the help and support of my grandparents and her siblings and I can only say that women such as you, my mum, are the bravest of souls and courageous to withstand anything in Life! They are blessed.

Inspiring story. I could relate to it.

Roslyn, Roslyn, Roslyn. You are an extremely strong character. You rose above the challenge, accepted some blame and focused on raising your children. I met you twice this year and among your colleagues, you were the happiest and smile filled person. Keep building on your strengths.

Very inspiring Roslyn. Good to meet you too.

Admire your courage, Roselyn. Thank you.

Roslyn having met you was amazing, I really admire your outgoing personality.

You have a strong heart that gave you the power to endure and forgiveness is possible. This story is difficult to tell yet beautiful. You did it.

Roslyn, I find your story inspiring. I wish more people to have your honesty and courage.

I couldn't help but be moved by the honesty you showed in accepting your fate, admitting your weakness and moving on.
Sometimes children are better off with one committed parent than being shackled to a father who doesn't care. I say "father" because they are usually the ones to walk off into the sunset leaving the mother to battle and raise the children alone.
Keep your chin up Roslyn and as I always say"I would rather be alone than wish I was".

Roslyn, may your persistence and candour be an encouragement to many in your readership.

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