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25 September 2015


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Yeah Peter why not, we'll meet you so long as you're buying and we'll buy yu buai na daka na liklik offkat mutrus tu.
Nah, give me a call

I'm going to be in Moresby next week. Anyone up for a drink?

That's why I reckon it's the natural home of the Croc Prize Daniel.

Kera Peter, we still come out of the ghettos in Morata every day to produce the goods.

Outside Holiday Inn is our open-air office.

Wan ende wo. Mok pamin eewa!

Thanks for this Peter. To me, Simbu and Jiwaka provinces produce talented people. Look at the national scene - many of the painters, singers, sportsman and woman are from there.

And Simbu is blessed with writers. I saw evidence of this last weekend during Crocodile Prize presentations in Kundiawa.

Some of the good leaders in PNG also come from there. They support their writers and people involved in the arts and sports which encourages them to outperform others.

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