I was told as a son
The child's mind in us seeks out peace and harmony

My child


Dedicated to my daughter, my precious, who will be turning four in November

My child
Did you know that when you were about to come into this world, your mother gave me a call?
So I had to travel some distance to meet you at the hospital

My child
How could I describe the emotions I felt when I saw you for the first time?
I realised that you were another part of me, I wanted to sit and stare at you for all time

My child
Have I told you?
You were so lively, you kicked and punched and stuck your thumb into your mouth, true

My child
How did you acquire speech so quickly?
You were not even one, the words came out coherently

My child
Do you know that you impressed me so when you took your first step?
I’ve never stopped boasting you did it by yourself, those first steps

My child
Were you not born just yesterday?
You are growing up real quick, you make me wanna cry

My child
Did I hear correctly you are talking about school already?
Your first day at school will be my day off from work, surely

My daughter
You are four now, on your first day at school
I will walk with you to school and wait outside for you until your first day ends at school
And we will walk back home together, you and me


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Raymond Sigimet

Thank you Talicia and Julia for your comments. I appreciate that. The poem basically tries to capture the development stages of my daughter (and perhaps other toddlers within her age group). I actually admire her liveliness and curiosity.

Julia Pomat

Beautiful poem! I'm sure your daughter will have tears in her eyes when she is able to read this. I have so much respect for you sir.

Talicia Talithia Nuhunge

Christy and Dad. Love you two. Happy early fourth-born day.

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