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26 September 2015


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Here's a transcript and audio version of the interview with Kristian Lasslett:

The 'extensive consultation' bit is laughable if it is intended to imply that Australia will fund anything other than what the 'kiddycrats' in Canberra think is best for PNG and consistent with Australia's objectives, written or unwritten.

I am reminded of a time when the high commission official responsible for education was charged with presenting one of Canberra's nuttier ideas to the Secretary for Education.

When the official reported back to Canberra that the Secretary was not interested he was told that he was not consulting properly and to go and talk to the Secretary again. In other words, talk him into it. So much for 'extensive consultation'.

When engaged in a feasibility study regarding the possible inclusion of five provinces in a particular project, we were told that no matter what we came up with province X would be included. Extensive consultation?

I totally agree with this summary.

Take the money away from the fat cats and redirect it to the rural areas.

Bolster the police force.

And do something to help the free press - the situation at the moment is very worrying. Reinstating the ABC broadcasts would be a good beginning.

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