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09 July 2015


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Arthur, development in PNG in the last decade or so has clearly seen a great divide between the haves and the have nots.

As we speak it is showing no sign of slowing down. I am constantly asking myself if by default things will naturally balance itself or something will have to be offered as a "sacrificial lamb" for the reality to kick in.

The way we are going it looks more like the latter.

Busa I recently wrote a small post along similar lines but yours is far better.

Was on the net some months ago after having left PNG in Oct 2008.

Couldn't believe the pictures of high rise developments in NCD nor the prices of renting properties in the capital which are advertised in the P Courier which I read daily online.

Then you read of the wonderful cardiac surgery available in town which for a round figure of K60,000 you can even get a bypass done.

Imagine to pay that my daughter, a three year qualified teacher would need to save all her wages for six years ignoring her family to feed, clothe etc Her mum died in Nonga in 1990 needing such an op.

Seems like the leftovers of any money that has not gone south or is it north has been ploughed into the urban areas to the detriment of the rural villagers.

And now the PM is happy to see LNG2 - I used to call it LNG-Gulf - being allowed to refine it again in Moresby ignoring the needs of one of the most impoverished provinces in the nation.

Why the first LNG had to pay for hundreds of kilometres of pipeline to get it to Moresby I have never been told and now Total Oil and partners are giving the finger to the Gulf people who with most of their leaders have said, It must be a new project within the Gulf.

I hope the people of the Gulf can stand up strong - united and say no way will it ever get piped to Moresby.

And one day the Western peoples will ensure their LNG gas also stays in their province too.


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