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03 July 2015


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This is what I like to call "job prostitution". You are prostituted for money that's why you cannot freely do the job as required as you might lose the opportunity.

My good friend Lindsay! As a member of the Crocodile Organising Committee in PNG, I am extremely disappointed with your contributions to serious discourses so far on this blog.

In particular your feedback to many of the articles.

You need to wake up from your "drunken stupor" and smell the coffee.

You are making a mockery of the many serious and genuine writers who contribute to this blog and also participate in the Croc Prize who are productively writing and contributing to the development of writing and literature in this country.

If your goal is to be heard and understood, please why not try simpler ways of communicating with the rest of us? Is it not hard to do?

If your goal is offering constructive and objective feedback, try revisit the comments and feedback by Sil Bolkin, Leonard Fong,Michael Dom, Francis Nii, Phil Fitzpatrick, Peter Kranz, Barbara Short, Corney Alone, and many many others.

You are likely to pick up one or two pointers from them.

Please resist this temptation, and try to be heard next time.

Lesson strengthens, not lessens, nation’s loyalty notions.

PNG wants people who can uphold the integrity of the state institutions and decorum primarily for pubic good.

Anybody who cannot do that should say no at the first place.

It's water under the bridge now; all that remains is regret.

Sori tumas.

Who should be next?

Send him off to where he belongs.

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