Australia & corruption – will all roads lead to Nauru (and Manus)?
The curious world of the old kiap – a legacy squandered?

It’s a new world, media babies


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

No more mashed potatoes
And no more toothbrushes
Bluetooth needs none

No more baby stories
No more bible stories
Google needs no nun

No more advice
No more problems
See them on Facebook wall

Need more space
As Bebo and Wayne have
Get it on Myspace

No more baby stuff
No more baby pads
They are worth an iPad

Follow not the Twistie’s crunch
Follow the tweets on Twitter
And get 100 pins on Pinterest

Tune no more strings
Sing me no songs
The iTunes playlist is on

No more libraries
No more encyclopedias
Wikipedia is on the palm

Rely not on stars
Ocean currents or wind
Get a Global Positioning System

Call no more citizens
Connect all the netizens
And create a virtual forum

No more motorways
No more pedestrians
Clock it on the digital highway

No more landlines
Life’s good with touch pads
All in the galaxy of digital cells

Go to mum and dad’s world
PG ratings not anymore
Just a phone to the porn world

This is our world; media babies


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Raymond Komis Girana

Cheers guys and thanks for the comments. This poem is a dedication to our sons and daughters of today's digital generation and especially to the little babies who are born into this new world of rapid development in travel and communication.

John Kaupa Kamasua

How true...and it can be very confusing sometimes.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

The mind creates it, the mind talks about it. The mind shows it. The mind is everything, it is the image of God.

Bernard Singu Yegiora

A very good poem.

TR Waikasi

Very impressive!

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