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18 June 2015


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I wish JV recovers well.

I thought for a moment that he was in his own element as he was trained to be when he and Gari Baki saluted each other for the last time at the farewell parade at Bomana recently. They both looked smart.

Police officers should be smart and think like criminals to weed out deep rooted crime and corruption in this country.

So when God judges them one day, the people of PNG will be their witnesses.

Thanks Phil for the toksave
We shall surely keep him in our prayers and hearts.

My family and I wish him speed recovery.

People might like to know that Francis has been unwell for the past few weeks.

We don't know the nature of his illness but he is undergoing an operation today.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Keep him in your hearts.

JV was better off living on the streets.

What was the reason for bringing him in and making him look like a circus clown?

The wit is that JV voluntarily chooses to trample and defecate on his own reputation built over many decades in the police force by bending the established processes so we can't blame anybody else here for his 90 degree fall now.

Now all the baddies at Morata and 6 Mile are out looking to welcome him back to their fold. O'Neill can't protect him now and does not want him nearby. Interesting times ahead.

JV was once free and happy walking on the streets.

The eyes of all are await
in hope to meet with due reason.

lets get on with our lives. Who ever is stepping out of line with the laws of this nation should now go straight to Police HQ and clear his name. Only then can we believe all their attempts at governance is genuine. Sapos nogat, mipla ino nap bilipim yu.

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