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16 June 2015


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It's called 'Bamahuta: Leaving Papua' and it was published by Pandanus Books (ANU) in 2005 and re-published by Diane Andrews Publishing in 2008. I'll send you a copy.

Phil, an autobiography will do.

Maybe it's in the tunnel and I am disturbing you.

Great story Phil.

I too have wandered along jungle tracks north of Kerema and, later, Baimuru and Kikori, where I was quite sure that I was either the first person of European origin to ever set foot there or the first to do so for a very, very long time.

Even at the time, callow youth that I was, I knew that I was enjoying a privileged experience that was unlikely to be repeated.

Thank you for reminding me about just how lucky we kiaps were.

Phil, you are one lucky man to see some virgin and untouched cultures and civilisations.

In Simbu during coffee seasons, the old and young folks play Coke dart and can drink 10 or more cans of this lollywater per person.

The perception among people is that drinking a dozen of can Coke and belching now and then is a sign of leadership.

Coke, beard, cowboy hats and bulging tummies are thought to be elements of leadership.

We coin our own definition of leadership.

Anyway, there is a high chance of finding an empty can of Coke on the moon now.

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