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20 May 2015


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As we know, there is only one life on this earth and while we are alive we do what we can to contribute to the common good through our actions and words as well as minding our personal affairs.

And of course in anything we do there is always a price and that's the way it is but we have to move on in doing what we think is good for ourselves and others whatever the circumstances and that's how I see myself.

Thank you once again Phil and also to you Daniel for your edifying and elating words.

Francis, you have a powerful voice. You speak for the powerless. Your voice is in your books, in the articles you write, your spoken word. That is your gift. That is your pupose in life.

The voice of Franis Nii will continue to inspires generations into the future. Hold your head high..

As I tried to say at last year's awards Francis, this is a two way street.

I think Robin and others will agree with me when I say that we in Australia have learned and been inspired by the Papua New Guineans we have met via PNG Attitude and the Crocodile Prize, not least by your good self.

You guys and girls are awe inspiring and don't you forget that.

Phil and Robin, you have been among others my inspirer. Thanks to you and all.

Nothing like your living testament to your fellow citizens of how to prosper amid one's circumstances.

It is that kind of leadership and fortitude and faith that inspires others to "Have A Go."

Thanks Francis.

You really have to bring these things to the attention of the public i.e. PNG Attitude readers for anything really to happen.

I noticed that Keith posted a cryptic tweet about Peter O'Neill reading Attitude - I'm not quite sure what that means but I guess all will be revealed. There may be a useful conduit opening up here.

I will interview one of them who is a quadraplegic and do a story on him, Phil. He was injured from a rugby league game and he has been in the hospital for about 9 years now.

It would be interesting to hear the stories of the other three surviving paraplegics in the Kundiawa Hospital Francis.

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