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18 May 2015


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The last Friday event, "Simbu for Literary Excellence", at Kondiu was eye catching when all the literary prices were accompanied with 30 books plus K3,000 was dished out to students.

SWA is promoting the circulation of books to individual heads within a short time span.

Thanks Phil for this piece and also for The Floating Island, Man of Calibre and other books that you sent me. I have been enjoying reading them.

Unfortunately after my Inspector Metau was borrowed for good, I am quite reluctant to lend out any more of the gift books from friends like you. I keep them as souvenirs and only allow my children to read.

There is special pleasure in donating to others what one has written and SWA members are good at doing that not only by giving them out as prizes but freely donating to schools and friends.

And that's why unemployed like me don't have money to order copies of my new books.

SWA's long term plan is to establish a section in all the libraries in the high and secondary schools in Simbu which will be called SWA section.

That's where we will store all books supplied by SWA either written by SWA members or others. This is where all books supplied by friends within and abroad will be kept.

Thank you Phil for bringing this wonderful idea forward.

If you've still got the collection Daniel you can self-publish it using a free service like Createspace. That will get it onto Amazon for general worldwide sale.

They will also supply hardcopies at a wholesale price that you can sell yourself and recoup your cost.

I'm not sure but I think the impetus that SWA gained came largely from having its writers' books published.

If you're not sure about Createspace send the collection to me as a Word document with some ideas for a cover and I'll see if it is suitable for a Pukpuk Publications edition.

I'm at

There must be some wonderful stories from Enga.

Phil, Simbu is a well organised province. Its top educated elites feel for their people. I have seen evidence of this on two or three occasions.

Once when the Simbu Agras provincial league team was lodged when Governor Ipatas went to make a donation. Simbu's cream of educated elites were there. They had bought tables.

No wonder the Simbu Writers Association is thriving. I started the Enga Writers Association a couple of years ago.

We didn't get anywhere. We couldn't even find a publisher who could publish our collection of short stories and poems. They are collecting dust here.

Yes, books are meant to be shared around. Four boxes of books including magazines like Readers Digest I accumulated over the years and donated to Kandep High School.

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