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26 May 2015


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You are right William, and they should be equally condemned for this barbaric policy.

But it goes back a lot further than that - to Torrens Island detention camp in 1914. I believe this was under the watch of Andrew Fisher, Prime Minister of the world's first Labour Party majority government at a national level.

Created by Rudd & Gillard.

And how much is Australia spending on itself in funding the Manus and Nauru detention centres?

The federal government has spent $2.4bn over two years maintaining offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island, including the detention of 90 children on Nauru, a Senate committee has heard (May 26th).

A total of $403m was spent operating the immigration detention centre on Manus Island from July 2014 to the end of April 2015, representatives from the immigration department told a Senate estimates committee on Tuesday.

A further $229m was spent on capital expenditure on Manus.

Nearly $359m was spent at the same time operating the Nauru facility, and nearly $57m on capital expenditures.

This compares to total Aid to PNG of $502.1 million for 2014/15 and $477.3 million for 2015/16 (Bilateral Budget Estimate, DFAT).

As the cousins say, do the math.

While ever the charted course of nations remains submitted to the various UN charters and treaties they submit to, there is an inevitable clash of wills betwixt traditionalists and New World Order adherents.

On the one hand, recent generations schooled in Brave New Worldism clamour for- Tomorrow - with all its promises of an idyllic society of tolerance amid diversity forging a lasting peace etc ( as long as it is controlled and supervised by the UN .)

On the other, citizens of presumably sovereign states jump up and down protesting their rights when border transgressions occur, defiantly asserting the primacy of their cultural traditions and practices threatened by the outcomes wrought by the relentless push to unify the globe.

Unfortunately the dark side of that unification ultimately implies draconian measures made toward realising the "Sustainability" as measured by science regarding long term resource utilisation - see articles on Agenda 21 et al.

I don't think we are marching toward prettiness, per se. Rather the opposite: a degree of ugly that most of us intuitively avoid.

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