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22 May 2015


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Here's what my good friend and fellow postgrad Seth Offei, a Ghanian national, had to say:

"We stand to lose our culture, values and our inheritance if you know all about others and ignore our own. Local content experiences make sense, they create jobs and we can position ourselves in homegrown books and stuff.

"That is what identifies us as a people. PNG is not an extension of another country, PNG is a sovereign entity."

Read more at the petition website

C'mon, Ms Bishop. Is there an elephant in the room the punters cannot see?

Fix that visa issuance problem for PNG visitors to Australia and the PR factor will dramatically outweigh the present spate of negativity generated by the current drama.

Why is it so hard for you not to see the immaturity, and the long history of association and relationships between Australians and PNGeans needlessly trampled by the continuing impasse?

Totally agreed and sooner the better for all parties concerned.

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