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FR GIORGIO LICINI | Catholic Reporter PNG

PAPUA New Guinea made international headlines recently when it was claimed it is the most porn obsessed country in the world according to results from Google internet search engines.

At the same time there is no doubt that prostitution is on the rise, with both local and foreign sex workers being hired or enslaved.

In November last year a mother and teacher of one of our well known secondary schools told me their boys dormitory is illuminated until late at night by the light of cell phones apparently being used for questionable web surfing.

It is a waste of time calling for legislation, censorship or blocking of websites. The offer is so huge in the streets and on the internet, and ways to get around restrictions so easy, that hunting for the forbidden makes the challenge more interesting and the transgression spicier.

Only personal change and free choice can make a difference. Only parental guidance, good education, healthy friendships, community service, religious practice and church involvement can take young minds to greener pastures.

This is certainly not a problem of youth alone. At a young age there is the mitigating excuse of natural curiosity and guilty pleasure.

But what about parents, school, community, political and church leaders? In many cases the banalisation of sexuality, which should be considered part of God’s continuous work of creation, and attacks on family life become systematic.

There is a need to strongly and publicly reprimand adults who promote, practice or take financial advantage from prostitution.

There is also a need to vigorously educate young people to handle their natural emotions and gradually channel them towards constructive friendships and family life. This needs to be done with love and care, patience and good example.

It is consoling and encouraging to see people happy and taking care of their spouse and children rather than watching them tear their life apart with occasional partners, roaming the streets or becoming internet addicts. 


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Philip G Kaupa

I learnt a lot..thanks.

Robin Lillicrapp

It is an obsession accompanied by strongholds virtually impregnable to human logic. Deliverance from it is as much needed as for "possession" cases.

It knows no boundary of demographic, entering the psyche of both rich and poor, clergy and laity.

The arena of ridding those afflicted of its sinuous tentacles rightly belongs in the Spiritual.

Perhaps one of the clues as to why such arena is not more readily effective is in the wry and astute comments published by Phil Fitzpatrick upon his observations of personalities caught up in the trafficking of drugs: Men of the cloth, no less.

There exists an endemic corruption of societal mindset that defies intervention by civil authority and eldership counsel.

This is essentially a crisis of faith borne upon the wings of lust and misplaced confidence in the flesh.

Denominations cannot usurp or replace the accountability of each individual in their responsibility toward authority.

The witness of strong confidence in a personal Savior transcends all other attempts by religion to systematize and regulate behavior.

It strongly signals the availability of an overcoming ability otherwise unattainable by supplicants at the altars of porn.

This timely article by Giorgio should sound alarm bells in every family home.

The vulnerability of impressionable consciences to the flood of porn proposes a mandate to resist it that is best attended to by family recognition of it, and adoption of worldview that resists it.

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