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15 March 2015


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Pete McGuinness

Hi kieth and team.
My name is pete mcguinness and I was in the group on this trek. Myself and 28 people who are all family members of lark force 2nd 22nd battalion are all travelling to tol around anzac day.wondering what stage the school is at.has it opened as we would like to meet students and maybe a contact.i hope
You can help it would be nice to acknowledge the naming of tol school and view the cairn there.thanks pete.

Michael Collins

Hi Reg, my father Bill (W.D.) Collins, with Billy Cook, survived the massacre in 1942, aged 19 years.

He was discharged Medically Unfit on 18 December 1942 because of his wounds, then re-enlisted on 16 January 1943. He died in 2001.

He was eventually led to safety by Frank Holland, who was an incredible man - see his book El Tiger - a true hero.

Karen Johnson

Very interesting. Often wondered what was happening at Tol in today times. My great uncle George Naess was the original owner of Tol plantation in the Second World War.

Martina Apps

Amazing and very interesting to read the full and detailed story from beginning to end. I am amaze by your courage and strength...going through those rugged and terrain treks. Congratulations guys.

Barbara Short

Thanks Reg, for this wonderful detailed report on your recent trek. Amazing to hear about all the gradual changes taking place, for better or worse, who knows!
Would be interested to hear of any treks up in the Prince Alexander Ranges, up in the Tokoku Pass area, where a relative of mine was very brave.

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