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PNG to be represented at Brisbane writers’ festival


PRESIDENT of the Crocodile Prize Organisation, COG, Jimmy Drekore, will attend the annual Brisbane Writers Festival from 4-6 September this year.

The Festival is a great meeting place for people associated with literature in Australia and overseas – authors, journalists, administrators, supporters and readers.

COG member Bob Cleland has been dealing with Festival organisers, who say they are keen, in future years, to have Papua New Guinea officially represented in the festival.

Informal discussions will be held this year to see if full PNG participation can occur in 2016.

Mr Drekore will travel to Brisbane ahead of the Crocodile Prize Awards in Kundiawa this September to observe the Brisbane festival and hold discussions with organisers.

This represents a great opportunity for collaboration between Papua New Guinean and Australian writers.

Jimmy, recently named PNG’s ‘Man of Honour’, is also president of the Simbu Children Foundation, PNG’s most successful home-grown charity.

The project is being sponsored by Bob Cleland and me.


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Marlene Potoura

Right choice, Keith and Bob. And wow, I know Jimmy is thrilled and looking forward to going to Brisbane. All the best Jimmy.

Bomai D Witne

Wakai wo, Keith and Bob for making it possible for PNG to be represented at the Writers' Festival.

Mathias Kin

Thank you Keith and Bob, and who better to represent PNG than our Man of Honour 2014!

Ed Brumby

This is great news indeed. Well done, Bob, Keith.

Harry Topham

Now we are talking. Long overdue.

Benny Geteng

Refreshing news for PNG writers exposure overseas!

Arnold Mundua

Another remarkable initiative from our two great friends...thanks Bob and Keith. Mipela I hamamas tru long yutupela.

Michael Dom


Thanks very, Bob and Keith.

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