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23 January 2015


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Bro, you killed this one. Great story. I have to track him down too.

Bomai, Bernard & Kennedy: Thank you all for your nice comments.

Thanks Arnold for the Awesome story, good on you for keeping the Historical relics with you.
Looking forward to reading the next part. 👍
Wai wa

I really enjoyed reading this piece.

Looking forward to reading the next article.

Angra Mundua, thank you for keeping this picture and connecting it to this 'walk the talk' faithful Simbu man Paulus Teine.

I have seen, shared and lived with many Teines in Goroka and they inspire me more than my work colleagues. Wakai wo.

Thanks Barbara. Fr Giorgio... yes, my mistake. The line was suppose to read '...become one of the longest serving popes...' Thanks for the correction.

Really nice story that shows how much history of modern PNG could be written and preserved.

Just a small clarification on Church history where the author states that "Cardinal Wojtyła was later to become the longest serving Pope of the Catholic Church".

Not really. He is probably the second or the third. He was Pope for almost 27 years (Oct 1978-Apr 2005), while Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti) was Pope for about 32 years (1846-1978).

Furthermore, Cefa Simon Peter of Capernaum in Palestine, commonly considered the "first Pope", most likely survived Jesus of Nazareth for about 30-35 years between 33-67 AD approximately.

Wonderful story, Arnold.
Looking forward to Chapter 2.

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