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19 December 2014


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Interesting nobody commented on the public/private health Issue in the final segment.

Public health pays the surgeon to talk and yet do nothing. Why waste his time a lowly paid public servant can say "no" and reduce the waiting time.

These newsletters of Fr John Glynn continue to provide some very honest yet depressing observations on life in PNG sprinkled with gems of inspiration on the human spirit present in poor and underprivileged Papua New Guineans.

Fr John is inspirational in his work and commitment to the people of PNG. The fact that he would be living on very little yet still manages to sponsor, pay fees and assist some of the unfortunate financially is amazing.

He would obviously appreciate any support from readers of PNG Attitude.

As a point of interest Fr John was an E course teacher who taught in New Ireland back in the !960's and 70's.

So what happens to those who cannot continue their education?

Given the numbers involved, are there enough resources back in the village to sustain them or having had a taste of a bigger world, they are now betwixt and between? If so, then what's to stop them becoming more frustrated and angry at a system that can't help them and circumstances that just continue to get worse?

'Blind Freddy' aught to be able to see where this is leading.

Thank you Father John for an insight into real life in PNG.
I hope that one day these huge well-fed men in the parliament will visit the settlements and start to share their food etc.

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