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26 December 2014


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Whilst not specifically about malaria treatments, I believe the recent comments by former Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham should not pass without censure, after all this is about the health and lives of PNG children.

On December 30th he commented on his Facebook page -

“Make it your new years resolution, STOP! Vaccinating your babies, if you truly love them……! more scientific research confirms toxic side effects from vaccinations causing permanent damage to children’s brain...”

This is about the most despicable and damaging misinformation peddled in PNG for a long time, (with the possible exception of a former senior Government health official who claimed condoms have holes in them which let the AIDS virus through, thus it's all part of a conspiracy).

Maxtone-Graham should be ashamed of himself and roundly condemned by anyone with an ounce of intelligence. The man is a fool.

See today's editorial in the PC for more reaction to his comments.

While this is good news it is also ominous, especially with regard to continued funding.

PNG is a relatively rich country but seems to be relying on outsiders to fund and run its ant-malaria programs. This is a ridiculous situation.

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